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Lawn Care Service
Five Step Lawn Application
  1. Early Spring (March – May): An application of complete balanced fertilizer,
    pre-emergent crab grass control and broadleaf weed control.
  2. Late Spring (May – June): An application of complete fertilizer, spot treatment for broad leaf weeds. Insect control as needed.
  3. Summer (July – August): An application of complete balanced fertilizer and weed control.
  4. Early Fall (September – October): An application of complete balanced fertilizer and weed control.
  5. Late Fall (October – November): An application of winter dormant feeding.
    Highly recommended by Agronomists at Penn State University.

Growing a beautiful lawn requires care all season long. We make sure your lawn gets the proper amount of nutrient, disease and pest control applications at the correct times throughout the year.

Our professional application program uses the latest products from leading turf care manufactures and our technicians remain current on all industry standards and practices.

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